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Global Press Highlights Akerman's Cuba Practice Amid Historic White House Visit to Island Nation
March 25, 2016
International Practice Chair Pedro Freyre and Cuba Practice Chair Augusto Maxwell offered perspective to leading news organizations during the U.S. Administration's visit to Cuba. As the world press gathered in Havana to cover the historic event, Freyre and Maxwell provided insights and on-the-record commentary for reports by American Lawyer, The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Miami Herald, NPR and The Wall Street Journal, among other prominent news organizations. The lawyers addressed the implications for commerce, travel and overall diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba, as the president's visit reaffirmed the U.S. commitment to rekindle ties with the island nation. Amid new U.S. regulations that further ease travel and trade with Cuba, the lawyers also noted how the gradual rapprochement between the two countries may add momentum to discussions on the future of the American embargo on Cuba.   

The Financial Times
wrote, "'To Cubans, [the President] is sending a message that the U.S. is no longer the imperialist power to the north,' says Pedro Freyre, a lawyer at Akerman in Miami and a prominent figure in Cuban-U.S. business circles. 'The message to Cuban-Americans is that your civil war is over and now is the time to help out your brothers and sisters.'"

The Wall Street Journal wrote, "The new regulations will reduce Cuba's transaction costs in international trade as well as remove another irritant remaining between the U.S. and Cuban governments. 'This is a big deal because it kind of undoes a fundamental plank of the Cuban embargo, which was to prevent Cuba from accessing the dollar and the U.S. financial system' said Augusto Maxwell, a Miami-based lawyer who heads the Akerman law firm's Cuba practice."

American Lawyer: "Obama Not the Only American Lawyer Looking at Cuban Opportunities"
Financial Times: "Barack Obama's 'Open Door' Message Faces Test During Visit to Cuba"
The Guardian: "U.S. Telecom Businesses Struggling to Make Connections as Cuba Opens Up"
NPR's On Point: "President Obama in Cuba"
Miami Herald: "Obama Praises Democracy, Reaches Out to Cubans on both Sides of Florida Straits"
Wall Street Journal: "Influential Cuban-Americans Changed Stance on Embargo"
Wall Street Journal: "Obama Eases Restrictions on Trade, Travel to Cuba"
FIU News: "Experts, Advocates to Analyze Impact of Obama's Visit to Cuba"

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