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Jan 31 Karen Buesing to Speak on EEOC Best Practices
Presented by the South Palm Beach County Bar Association's Labor & Employment Law Committee
Boca Raton, FL
Mar 29 Thomas Kearney to Speak on New HMDA Amendments
Presented by the Mortgage Bankers Association
Chicago, IL
Mar 2 Francisco Rodriguez to Speak on Dispute Resolution in the Caribbean
Presented by the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR)
Coral Gables, FL
Feb 24 Pedro Freyre to Speak at Inaugural MDFAWL Corporate Counsel Summit
Presented by the Florida Association for Women Lawyers Miami-Dade Chapter (MDFAWL)
Coral Gables, FL
Feb 9 Jonathan Gopman to Speak on Asset Protection Trusts
Presented by the Estate Planning Council of Greater Miami
Coral Gables, FL
Mar 11 Jonathan Robbins to Speak as Part of Legal Roundtable with Florida Healthcare Attorneys
Presented by Canna Holdings
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Feb 11 Jonathan Gopman to Speak on Offshore Assets
Presented by the American Bankruptcy Institute
Grand Cayman Island, BWI
Apr 27 Augusto Maxwell to Speak on Investing in Cuba
Presented by Amicorp Group
Jan 12 Cindy Laquidara to Speak on Rainmaking for Women Lawyers
Presented by the Jacksonville Women Lawyers Association
Jacksonville, FL
May 6 Richard Bass to Lead A Walk Along the Jersey City Waterfront
Presented by Jane's Walk
Jersey City, NJ
Jan 26 Margaret Mathews to Speak on Advancing Gender Equality for Corporate and Outside Counsel
Presented by the Florida Association for Women Lawyers
Kissimmee, FL
May 31 Jonathan Gopman to Speak on Offshore Planning and Nevis
Presented by Southpac Trust
Las Vegas, NV
Feb 9 LaKeisha Marsh to Speak on Sports Concussion Litigation
Presented by DRI
Las Vegas, NV
Feb 1 Susanne Zabloudil to Speak on Purchase and Sale Agreements
Presented by the Los Angeles County Bar Association Real Property Section
Los Angeles, CA
Apr 21 Lisa Kolieb to Moderate Discussion on Hospitality Issues and Trends
Presented by Bisnow
Los Angeles, CA
Apr 12 Angela de Cespedes to Speak on Legal Issues Facing Sports Teams and Their Vendors
Presented by Legal Learning Series
Miami, FL
Feb 17 Matthew Aho to Speak on the Status of the U.S.-Cuba Reunion
Presented by the Florida Bar International Law Section
Miami, FL
May 22 Jonathan Gopman to Speak at 2017 M International Advisors Conference
Presented M Financial Group
Miami, FL
Apr 25 Jonathan Awner to Speak on Crisis Readiness and Crisis Management Tools for Business Leaders
Presented by the National Association of Corporate Directors Florida Chapter
Miami, FL
Jan 11 Neisen Kasdin to Speak on South Florida Development Issues
Presented by the Commercial Real Estate Finance Council (CREFC)
Miami, FL
Feb 2 Jeff Mayer to Speak on Skills for In-House Lawyers
Presented by the American Bar Association
Miami, FL
Feb 4 Whitney Untiedt to Speak on Access to Counsel for Juveniles
Presented by the American Bar Association
Miami, FL
Feb 10 Ari Gerstin to Speak on Regulating Medical Marijuana
Presented by the Dade County Bar Association's 6th Annual Florida's Grand Bench & Bar Conference
Miami, FL
Jun 29 Cecelia Bonifay and Jonathan Robbins to Speak on Marijuana Issues
Presented by The Seminar Group
Miami, FL
Mar 29 Richard Bezold to Speak on Commercial Real Estate Investing
Presented by BYN Mellon
Miami, FL
Apr 18 Pedro Freyre and George Volsky to Speak on Developments Between Cuba, Spain, and the U.S.
Presented by Pérez-Llorca and IE Law School
Miami, FL
Aug 17 Christopher Duke to Speak on Medical Marijuana in the Workplace
Presented by The Seminar Group
Miami, FL
Mar 31 Pedro Freyre and Michelle Gonzalez to Speak on Cross-Border Issues
Presented by the Hispanic National Bar Association 
Miami, FL
May 24 Bruce Stanfill to Speak on Challenges and Opportunities Facing Midstream Businesses
Presented by Hart Energy
Midland, TX
May 3 Sandy Davis to Speak on Potential Corporate Tax Reforms under the New Administration
Presented by Citco Group Limited
New York, NY
Apr 6 Richard Bass to Speak on Comparative Zoning
Presented by the Municipal Art Society of New York
New York, NY
Apr 19 Lisa Lim to Speak on Being a Lawyer
Presented by Asian Women in Business (AWIB)
New York, NY
Mar 10 Bran Noonan to Speak on Virtual Workplaces
Presented by The New York City Bar
New York, NY
Jan 12 Carl Roston to Speak on Upcoming Political Changes to the Federal Reserve
Presented by the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG)
New York, NY
Feb 2 Jeffrey Sharer to Speak on Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Industry
Presented by The American Lawyer and Legaltech News
New York, NY
Jan 25 Jonathan Gopman to Speak on Tax Planning and Compliance Issues for Asset Protection Trusts
Presented by STEP Orange County and the University of California Los Angeles School of Law
Newport Beach, CA
Mar 2 Kirk Davis, Martin Dix, Michael Gennett, and Philip Sprinkle to Speak on Health Law Topics
Presented by the Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Committee and the Health Law Section
Orlando, FL
Feb 2 Michael Marsh to Speak at 2017 Charting Your Own Course Career Conference
Presented by Stakeholders
Orlando, FL
Feb 17 Gail Gottehrer to Speak on Cybersecurity Trends
Presented by the ABA
Orlando, FL
Mar 16 Lillian Moon to Speak on EEOC Systemic Investigations and Litigation
Presented by Akerman's Labor & Employment Practice Group
Orlando, FL
Apr 12 Lillian Moon to Speak on DOL Wage and Hour Audits
Presented by Akerman's Labor & Employment Practice Group
Orlando, FL
Apr 20 Robert Slavkin to Speak on Recent Regulatory Changes Impacting Healthcare Deals
Presented by the Florida Institute of CPAs
Orlando, FL
Apr 29 Sandra Heller to Speak On Compliance and the Protection of Assets
Presented by The Network of Trial Law Firms
Palm Beach, FL
May 31 Martin Tully to Present on Cyber Security Topics
Presented by the St. Mary's University School of Law Center for Terrorism Law
San Antonio, TX
Apr 6 Kirk Davis to Speak on the Market for Healthcare Businesses
Presented by ACG Tampa Bay
Sarasota, FL
Apr 7 Margaret Mathews to Speak on Staying in the Game
Presented by the Tampa Bay Chapter of the Federal Bar Association
Tampa, FL
Apr 21 John Mitchell to Speak on Restaurant Case Issues
Presented by the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI)
Washington, D.C.
Mar 9 Whitney Untiedt to Speak on Juvenile Justice Pro Bono Issues
Presented by the Pro Bono Institute
Washington, D.C.
Mar 28 Arlene Kline and Shayla Waldon to Speak on ADA Developments in Website Accessibility
Presented by Akerman's Labor & Employment Practice Group
West Palm Beach, FL
Apr 19 Allison Nelson to Speak on Medical Office Leases
Presented by Strafford Publications
Jan 31 Gerald Cope to Speak on Preserving Your Record on Appeal
Presented by Pincus Professional Education
Mar 14 Michael Molinaro to Speak on Lender Risks and Fradulent Transfers
Presented by Strafford

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